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Is It Too Late for Orthodontic Treatment – Orthodontist in Santa Clarita CA 91321 Dr. Megan LeCornu, Board Certified Orthodontist in Santa Clarita, CA, answers a top question orthodontists in Santa Clarita. Is It Too Late for Orthodontic Treatment

So this past week, I have had a ton of people ask me the same question. It’s all been adult patients, and what they’ve been asking me is, “Am I too old for orthodontic treatment?” That is a very interesting question. The reason why is because the stigma is if you have braces, then you should be a teenager. Or, braces are only for teenagers. But nowadays, there’s a lot of different treatment modalities. There’s Invisalign. There’s clear braces. There’s metal braces. There’s braces behind the teeth that you don’t even see. So, it’s no the longer the day that braces are only for teenagers. There’s so many options out there.

My patients range in age from seven years old all the way to 82 years old. So, you’re never too late to have orthodontic treatment, and in fact, I love sharing the story of one of my patients, my 82-year-old patient, John, and what he said to me at the end of his treatment is, I said, “John, knowing everything you know now, was it worth it?” What he said to me was, “Absolutely. I would definitely do it again.” And I asked him, “If there’s anything you could change, what would it be, and what would you have done differently?” He said, “If there’s anything I could have done differently, I wish I would’ve done this 20 years ago.”

And that completely stood out to me because why 20 years ago? Why when you’re 62? And what he told me is, he said, “The 60s were the best years of your life.”

So, I always like to share that story with my adult patients ’cause I feel like I have a lot of adult patients, patients who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even in there 70s who wonder if it’s too late.

If you’re having issues with your bite, it’s causing damage to your teeth, it’s never too late to fix your bite so that you don’t have continuation of the damage of your teeth.

So, hopefully that answers your question, “Is it too late for orthodontic treatment?” The answer is, it’s never too late. Definitely worth visiting an orthodontist to get the information.

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