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How long will it take to straighten my teeth Dr. Megan LeCornu, Board Certified Orthodontist in Santa Clarita, CA, answers a top question orthodontists are asked about in Santa Clarita. How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

Okay. It’s officially here, wedding season, also known as summer. I always know wedding season is approaching when I have the brides-to-be coming in, frantically asking me, “How long will it take to straighten this tooth?” Well, there’s good news. Nowadays there’s techniques that we can actually use to expedite tooth movement.
One of the techniques we use is called Propel. What I like about Propel is the studies do show that it increases tooth movement by 30 to 40%. It’s basically a procedure where we do a minor surgical procedure during your orthodontic treatment. What we do is kind of like a dental acupuncture, okay? And we go in between each tooth and we stimulate the bone, to encourage the bone to move more quickly.
At the end of the day what I encourage all brides to do is if you know you want your teeth straightened prior to your big day, please go to your orthodontist as early as possible. Because the reality is, is it takes time to move teeth. However, there are techniques that we can use to expedite treatment and there are techniques that are completely clear, such as lingual braces or Invisalign. So this way, if you still are going through treatment on your big day, nobody will know.
So anyways, when you’re doing your checklist for your big day, photographer, DJ, venue, make sure you add in there orthodontist. Good luck.

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