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Does Invisalign Work Dr. Megan LeCornu, Board Certified Orthodontist in Santa Clarita, CA, answers a top question orthodontists are asked about Invisalign in Santa Clarita. Does Invisalign Work?
One of the questions I get from a lot of patients is, does Invisalign work? The reason they’re asking that is because they hear stories where people don’t get the results that they want or different situations like that. The reality is, is Invisalign is a appliance that we use to get the results that we want, and what’s important to know is that this appliance is completely doctor-directed. So what I mean by that is a doctor is in charge of moving the teeth, and that’s what’s important for getting the result that you want.

There are a lot of clear liner options that are out there, and there are actually options that do not have a doctor review your case at all. This is actually very scary because the standard of care tells us that we need x-rays to monitor the health of the bone and the tissues that support the teeth and that we need to make sure there’s no cavities or gum problems. Without this information, we can actually cause damage to the teeth. So, it’s very important that when you’re looking for a solution to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of that you make sure that you find a solution that is doctor-directed.

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