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Dec2018 Dr. Megan LeCornu, Board Certified Orthodontist in Santa Clarita, CA, answers a top question orthodontists in Santa Clarita. - Why are kids starting braces so young One of the most common questions I get asked when I'm out with my friends that are moms is why are kids starting braces ... Read More
December 27, 2018Dr. Megan LeCornu
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Dec2018 Dr. Megan LeCornu, Board Certified Orthodontist in Santa Clarita, CA, answers a top question orthodontists in Santa Clarita. Is It Too Late for Orthodontic Treatment So this past week, I have had a ton of people ask me the same question. It's all been adult patients, and what they've been ... Read More
December 20, 2018Dr. Megan LeCornu


The iTero Scanner is a system that allows Dr. LeCornu to take a 3D digital scan of your malocclusion, aka your teeth and your bite! With the digital scanner, we can make adjustments in real time and even transmit the file wirelessly for processing. It’s clear that we enjoy using it, but ... Read More
May 27, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
invisalign vs brace


So you’re tired of your crooked smile and/or mismatched jaw, but don’t know what type of orthodontic treatment is right for you? The two top contenders — Invisalign in Santa Clarita CA and traditional braces — come with their own set of pros and cons. Braces How it works: Small brackets are strategically ... Read More
May 20, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu


If Invisalign trays aren’t cleaned properly, they can become dingy, dull or discolored. To get your gleaming smile at the end of your treatment, you need two things — good oral hygiene and clean aligners. The good oral hygiene part is simple — brush and floss your teeth regularly to ... Read More
May 17, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
The Importance of Flossing During Orthodontic Treatment


Having braces is definitely an investment, but it’s certainly a costly one. It just makes sense to keep your teeth in the best of health during your orthodontic treatment. A regular hygiene routine is just as important while you’re wearing braces as it was before you began treatment. Flossing is ... Read More
May 14, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
The Benefits Of Invisalign


For years, if you wanted to have that picture perfect smile you had endure the dreaded metal mouth. Thankfully, times they are a changin’ with the help of Invisalign. Unlike the unsightly and painful metal braces of yore, Invisalign offers patients an affordable alternative. How does Invisalign work? By using advance ... Read More
May 11, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
how braces can work


Are you an adult who is considering getting braces? Perhaps you’ve had them before, but over the years that dental work has been reversed. Or maybe you’ve never had any orthodontic work done, but are considering braces for the first time. In either case, Gilbertson & LeCornu Orthodontics can help you ... Read More
Preparing for orthodontic treatment


Summertime and the livin’ are easy! The days are longer, and everyone is vacationing to melt away stress. It’s the best time of year to relax and get happy, no matter what age you are, and it’s important to start from the inside. You’ve been eating less salt and getting ... Read More
soda jerk


As school ends and summer begins, it can be easy to lose discipline with our diets. And when you’re wearing braces, you already know to avoid crunchy and chewy foods, but it’s also important to be mindful about beverages. Whether you say soda or pop, it’s all sugary carbonation. And ... Read More
April 30, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu