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If Invisalign trays aren’t cleaned properly, they can become dingy, dull or discolored. To get your gleaming smile at the end of your treatment, you need two things — good oral hygiene and clean aligners. The good oral hygiene part is simple — brush and floss your teeth regularly to ... Read More
May 17, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
The Benefits Of Invisalign


For years, if you wanted to have that picture perfect smile you had endure the dreaded metal mouth. Thankfully, times they are a changin’ with the help of Invisalign. Unlike the unsightly and painful metal braces of yore, Invisalign offers patients an affordable alternative. How does Invisalign work? By using advance ... Read More
May 11, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
how braces can work


Are you an adult who is considering getting braces? Perhaps you’ve had them before, but over the years that dental work has been reversed. Or maybe you’ve never had any orthodontic work done, but are considering braces for the first time. In either case, Gilbertson & LeCornu Orthodontics can help you ... Read More


Clear Braces Clear braces are good alternatives to traditional metal braces. Since clear braces are able to blend in more to the color of the teeth, it has a very good aesthetic advantage over the traditional one. Typically, clear braces are made up of plastic or ceramic materials which function in ... Read More
March 10, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu