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Flossing w invisalign


Fact one: Flossing is more important than brushing your teeth when it comes to preventing gum disease and tooth loss. Fact two: Your Invisalign treatment becomes pointless if your teeth fall out. When it comes to hygiene habits, flossing ranks extremely high — yet, a recent study released by the American Dental ... Read More
May 23, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu
The Importance of Flossing During Orthodontic Treatment


Having braces is definitely an investment, but it’s certainly a costly one. It just makes sense to keep your teeth in the best of health during your orthodontic treatment. A regular hygiene routine is just as important while you’re wearing braces as it was before you began treatment. Flossing is ... Read More
May 14, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu


We all know the importance of a regular home care regimen of brushing and flossing. But did you know there is yet another great way to supplement your cleaning? Even with tenacious brushing and flossing, there’s always a possibility that we’re leaving some food particles behind. Waterpiks are a great ... Read More
April 19, 2017Dr. Megan LeCornu


If Invisalign trays aren’t cleaned properly, they can become dingy, dull or discolored. To get your gleaming smile at the end of your treatment, you need two things — good oral hygiene and clean aligners. The good oral hygiene part is simple — brush and floss your teeth regularly to ... Read More
November 5, 2016Dr. Megan LeCornu