advantage of braces

Advantages of Braces

Besides Straight Teeth, What are the Benefits of Braces?

If you are a teen and you are constantly called “rabbit teeth” or “Dracula” because your teeth protrude, then you will do just about anything to stop the ridicule. Many adults feel self conscious too, because of the effect their smile has on others. They may be prepared to traverse the highest mountain just to feel normal or to feel that people cannot take their eyes off them because of their incredible smile.

The advent of braces that could barely be seen sent thousands knocking on their orthodontist’s door, pleading with them to fit these revolutionary wonders. Teens are not so bothered about the appearance of braces. They just want to look normal and merge in with the rest of the crowd. Many people want a million dollar smile and are prepared to pay for it too. What they do not realize is that wearing braces does more than add a smile to a face. It helps to prevent the onset of tooth decay and infected gums, too.

Bacteria Love Crooked and Crowded Teeth

Crowded or crooked teeth, or ones that overlap each other, are a great opportunity for bacteria to firmly embed themselves in those hard to reach gaps and overlaps. The avid teeth cleaner may have difficulty manipulating the tooth brush or floss into those tight spaces. Orthodontic treatment does wonders with the techniques available. The teeth become correctly aligned and the spacing between teeth makes it easy for the bristles of a toothbrush to attack plaque and eliminate bacteria. For once, the person can have both straight teeth and sweet breath at the same time.

You might never have thought that your mouthful of crooked and misaligned teeth could affect your speech. If you did not know this already, you will very soon. Once those braces have been removed, your tongue can dance around your mouth, squeezing out delicate sounds you have never heard before. Your friends and your work colleagues will be truly amazed and you may even get a job promotion if your speaking ability makes you a good ambassador for your employer and his or her business.

Misaligned, missing and crooked teeth can have a great influence on your face shape. Bones tend to move in tandem with the arrangement of your teeth. If your teeth are changed and better aligned through the use of braces, then the bones will follow suit and your jawbone will adapt to this by adding a new more improved shape to your face.

The benefit of braces extends even further. By realigning your teeth it enables the presence of a better bite, which means food preparation for digestion is much improved. The chewing action on food is more effective, meaning that your food is broken down into smaller pieces aiding digestion further along the digestive system.


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